Centrifuge Tubes

Centrifugal 15ml Tubes

Centrifugal 15ml Tubes

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Centrifugal 50ml Tubes

Centrifugal 50ml Tubes

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Several tools and techniques, equipment and devices made of glass, plastic or fiber are being used every day in laboratories dealing with chemical, biological and medicinal experiments. Pioneer Scientific has been providing laboratory products and tools used for varied experimental activities to clients associated in the field. With our gained expertise and proven industry standards, we have earned our customers’ trust and reliance on us. When it comes to providing products and materials used in laboratory experiments, Pioneer Scientific never compromises on quality, efficiency and performance.

Laboratory Usages of Centrifuge Tubes

Centrifuge tubes are available in a variety of types and dimensions, and are ideally used for centrifugation procedures in molecular biology laboratories. Made of either plastic, or glass or fiber materials, centrifuge tubes are used for the following applications:

  1. These are used as sample tubes in clinical research laboratories to analyze serum and blood plasma. Results are drawn by spinning the samples in these tubes for a specific span of time.

  2. Centrifuge tubes are used in the centrifugation process that separates the various components like plasma, platelets and serum present in the blood. This is required for direct transfusion of separated blood component to patients who require urgent medical attention.

  3. Centrifuge tubes are also used for other body fluid analysis wherein the examiner spins the sample to test and experiment the varied components present in the sample solution.

Pioneer Scientific Providing High-Quality Centrifuge Tubes

When it comes to providing centrifuge tubes to our clients, Pioneer Scientific pays complete attention to details like transparency, aspects of tightness, visible marking areas, clear gradations and high quality plastic material. These tubes are made in a way so that they fit all standard centrifuges. Apart from quality, efficiency and durability that we assure, we also make sure that our customers get the best product at most reasonable price.