Cool Block for 96 Well Flat Bottom Plates

Cool Block for 96 Well Flat Bottom Plates

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Cool Block Solid aluminum metal chamber for flat-bottom multiwell plates, cell culture plates, ELISA plates, or other chemical reaction plates.

Ideal way to keep microplates cold by placing it on ice in an ice bucket. Or keep microplate warm (ELISA) by placing it on warm hot plate, or on Thermopod.

Additional tube holders are provided on sides for .5ml and 1.5 - 2.0ml centrifuge tubes. (Dimensions: 6 x 3.2 x 1in).

This product is very useful in the lab. Ideal to keep samples cold in microplates, cell culture plates, including microtiter plates 96 well or other multiwell plates.

Samples in the tissue culture plates are kept uniformly cold across the plate, which eliminates edge effect.

Since the Cool Block provides a stable platform to place multiwell plates, it will be easy to add or retrieve samples to the wells. Where as when microtiter plates are placed on a crushed ice, it can tilt and can cause errors when adding samples.

Cool Blocks can also be used with dry ice for flash freezing samples.
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