Hybridization Incubator-Oven

Hybridization Incubator-Oven

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The New Hybrigene is a compact, stackable hybridizer when quality is important and throughput is not a priority.

The Hybrigene is capable of stacking up to 3 ovens and holds up to 16 mini and 4 large glass tubes, saving on valuable laboratory space.

As little as 5ml of probe is required which not only reduces expense but actually improves the signal.

Most importantly, the Hybrigene is radioactive safe with protective casing and a non-drip tube designed to minimize any risk to the user.

Precise control of the heated chamber ensures the best results at all times.

The Hybrigene is compact, easy to use and provides complete protection from hybridization hazards.

This unit comes with 4 x 80 mm. tubes.
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