Cell Scrapers & Lifters

Pioneer Scientific provides laboratory products par excellence as the equipment meet our clients’ expectations and assure best and most accurate results from applications they are used in. When it comes to meeting parameters of functional efficiency, durability, correctness and quality, Pioneer Scientific offers best value.

Why Choose Cell Scrapers and Cell Lifters from Pioneer Scientific?

Cell scrapers and cell lifters are used for gentle removal or harvesting of tissue culture tests in all types of containers like dishes, tubes and flasks. Cell scrapers and lifter from us are perfect for scrapping off and collecting cells required for several laboratory experiments, tests and researches.

These products offered by Pioneer Scientific come with special turntable blades that allow gentle removal of cells. Whereas, the swiveling stick lends adjustability to the blade to turn around in different positions.

We at Pioneer Scientific pay detailed attention to every feature and specifications in order to render convenience and efficacy to any laboratory applications.