Hybridization Ovens

Hybridization Incubator-Oven

Hybridization Incubator-Oven

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  • Price: $3,406.00

Hybrigene Mini Tube Holder

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Large tube for Hybrigene Oven

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Small Tube

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Mini Tubes

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A laboratory is a place where numerous experimental activities take place in order to explore productive conclusions, which significantly contribute to the field of life science or chemistry. When it comes to offering highly efficient and precision-made laboratory products and testing equipments, Pioneer Scientific has no competition in providing accuracy, performance and durability at most reasonable prices.

We provide Hybridization Ovens to customers swearing by their features like motion controls, accurate temperature, stainless steel construction, easy clean interior and a wide variety of models to choose from.

How Do Hybridization Ovens Work?

Several hybridization processes take place in laboratories and hybridization ovens are considered the best and most preferred technique for hybridization. These devices facilitate the process of incubation that takes place inside the hybridization ovens. These ovens are constantly rotated that helps in the even distribution of probe solution over the membrane. Hybridization ovens prove to the best solution for incubation as they offer better through put, higher agitation and use less volume per membrane area.

What are the general applications of Hybridization Ovens?

  1. Southern (DNA) Hybridizations

  2. Western Blot

  3. Molecular Biology Assays

  4. Northern (RNA ) Hybridizations

Pioneer Scientific is known for providing compact, high-quality and stackable hybridizers that are capable of stacking up to 3 ovens and holding up to 16 mini and 4 large tubes. These products prove to space-efficient besides being reasonably priced. Check out the products and their descriptions to know further about their beneficial features.