Multiwell Tissue Culture Plates with Grids

What are the Significances of Tissue Culture Plates?

Dedicated customer service, innovative products, and extreme technical expertise have made Pioneer Scientific to grab the position of one of the leading manufacturers and providers of tissue culture plates. Our exclusive range of cell culture plates has been professionally designed and precision made for optimal cell growth and differentiation. We offer an assortment of outstanding, reliable and consistent multi-well plates to make various intricate and precision required cell culture researches efficient and simple.

Select the Appropriate from Various Tissue Culture Plates Options

Certified as sterile, non-cytotoxic, and non-pyrogenic, Pioneer Scientific tissue culture plates is available in a wide assortment of surface treatments and well densities.

We keep a huge inventory of the following listed categories of multi-well plates at unbeatable price range.

  • T6 Well Plates
  • 24 Well Multiwell TC plates
  • 48 Well Multiwell Plates
  • 96 Well Multiwell TC Plates
  • Grid Plates-6 Well Tissue Culture Multiwell Plate with Grids

All these categories of cell culture plates have been manufactured strictly in compliance with international protocol and standards.

General Features

Pioneer Scientific tissue culture plates are manufactured from chemical resistant virgin polypropylene. They are sterilized by gamma radiation for immediate use and also feature an optimized design for consistent adhesion and suspension cell growth.

Some other significant features of these culture plates include:

  • Ideal for non-adherent cell culture
  • High quality and optically clear polystyrene
  • Flat- and U-bottom well geometries
  • Consistent culture conditions for reproducible results
  • Ideal for easier culture maintenance
  • Alphanumeric numbering for sample identification
  • Ideal for compound storage, reference labs, blood banks

Allow Us to Serve you Better

We help you better to make an ideal selection after understanding your requirements. We value our customers; hence, we never compromise on the product quality. This is precisely why we have achieved a substantial competitive advantage and huge customer base in the market.

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