PCR Thermal Cyclers

Thermal Cycler

Thermal Cycler

  • Code: TC3000
  • Price: $2,999.00
Thermal Cycler 3000 - X

Thermal Cycler 3000 - X

  • Code: TC3000X
  • Price: $3,599.00
Thermal Cycler 3000 G

Thermal Cycler 3000 G

  • Code: TC3000G
  • Price: $4,199.00
Thermal Cycler 4000

Thermal Cycler 4000

  • Code: TC4000
  • Price: $5,100.00
Thermal Cycler 5000

Thermal Cycler 5000

  • Code: TC5000
  • Price: $6,500.00
Prime Q Real Time PCR Thermal Cycler

Prime Q Real Time PCR Thermal Cycler

  • Code: PrimeQ
  • Price: $29,995.00

Why Choose PCR Thermal Cyclers from Pioneer Scientific?

Pioneer Scientific, offers the most trusted brand in the PCR instrumentation, which are flexible thermal cyclers with proven performance and an unmatchable combination of advanced features. These PCR thermal cyclers have been precision engineered to the exacting standards to meet your labís needs. They are the flagship product of Pioneer Scientific and are highly purchased as they deliver fast and reliable results compared to other similar products available in the market.

With us you will find a wide array of easy-to-use and reliable thermal cyclers for simplifying your precision required laboratory works. They are intelligently designed and engineered for running a few samples or performing high-throughput automated process efficiently, quickly and safely.

Choose the Ideal from Many Options

Pioneer Scientific powerful, reliable and cost-effective PCR thermal cyclers are readily available for shipping in the below listed models.

  1. Thermal Cycler

  2. Thermal Cycler 3000 - X

  3. Thermal Cycler 3000 G

  4. Thermal Cycler 4000

  5. Thermal Cycler 5000

All these models offer long lasting performance and unfailing results with minimal over or under-shoot for process speed and accuracy.

Features of Thermal Cyclers

Categories of thermal cyclers offered by Pioneer Scientific have been built to last for delivering accurate results in any rugged and washdown laboratory environment. They are extremely popular and largely used by researchers worldwide due to their advanced features and multiple options including:

  1. Simple and easy-to-use graphical interface

  2. Compact design; hence save valuable bench space

  3. Large LCD panel enhances visibility and ease-of-operation

  4. Preset protocols that make starting amplification easier

  5. Large screen interface for all functions

  6. Robust and attractive design

  7. Innovative, intuitive touch screen interface for simplifying setup and use

  8. Graphic display makes programming quick and simple

  9. Automatically creates operating history and error logs

  10. Password protection guarantees secure system access

  11. Heated lid to prevent the formation of condensation

  12. Easy-to-operate slide and lever type lid which prevents accidental skin burn

  13. Protocol auto writer for quickly optimizing reactions

Hitherto, Pioneer Scientific has been striving hard to provide our potential customers with the best and innovative products for easing and speeding critical and precision required activities at research labs.

Call us at 888-557-4724 for more information on our easy-to-use and high performing PCR thermal cyclers.