Tissue Culture Dish and Plates with Numbered Grid

Why choose Tissue Culture Dish from Pioneer Scientific?

Pioneer Scientific offers tissue culture dish which is highest quality standards using premium grade and best-in-class polystyrene. These flat and optically clear cell culture dishes are extensively used in research centers, pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical laboratories.

Pioneer Scientific numbered grid tissue culture dishes are intelligently designed and precision made for optimal performance and ease-of-use. These gridded plates allow for easy identification and counting of number of cell colonies or cells in less time. It allows for marking and keeping track of cell colonies for long term experiments.


Following are the noteworthy features of tissue culture dish offered by Pioneer Scientific.

  1. Packaged in 10 pack zip lock reseal able bags

  2. Gamma irradiated

  3. Tissue culture treated

  4. It is non-cytotoxic, and non-pyrogenic.

  5. Optically clear plastic

  6. Assures consistent culture conditions for reproducible results

  7. Deep wells for increased media volume and easier culture maintenance

  8. High transparency and low autofluorescence

  9. Uniform footprint for ease in stacking


Read on to understand the significant applications of Pioneer Scientific tissue culture dish.

  1. Colony formation assay and characterizing stem cell colonies

  2. Growing human cells

  3. Growing primary cells such as skeletal muscle cells, endothelial cell, neuronal cell, etc

  4. Culturing cancer cells and hematopoietic cells

  5. Relocating cells or cell clusters

  6. Preventing anchorage-dependent cells from dividing

  7. Recording, and locating tissue samples such as epithelial tissues, skeletal tissues, nervous tissues with ease, specially if taken from incubator frequently for observation.

  8. Recording and locating cells including stem cells, neuronal cells, tumor cell colonies, and hematopoietic cell colonies

  9. Selecting colonies for post- transfection analysis, cell staining or analyzing colony growth

Have more questions regarding our easily stackable tissue culture dish? We have knowledgeable customer support personnel to answer your questions and guide you for the appropriate selection of the dish you need. You can reach us over phone at 888-557-4724 and you can mail to customerservice@pioneerscientific.com.

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