Petridish Storage Tower

Petridish Storage Tower (12)

Petridish Storage Tower (12)

  • Code: PT12
  • Price: $199.00
Petridish Storage Tower (6)

Petridish Storage Tower (6)

  • Code: PT06
  • Price: $125.00

Apart from providing high quality Petri dishes that are required for cell culture testing purposes in biological laboratories, Pioneer Scientific also provides high-quality Petridish storage racks known for their functionality and convenience.

Why Choose Petri Dish Storage Towers from Pioneer Scientific?

Petri dish storage towers (petridish racks) from us are uniquely designed to hold 12 Petri dishes or 6 dish , which can be easily accessed at random. This renders convenience and easy usability to these Petri dishes.

This product can be easily carried to work stations such as microscopy room or tissue culture room or be stored in refrigerators and incubators for easy storage of dish.

Products from Pioneer Scientific are known for their high level of functionality, mobility and design that makes them easy to use, carry, store or move.