Pipette Stand

Pipette Stand for 2 Pipettes

Pipette Stand for 2 Pipettes

  • Code: PS02
  • Price: $95.00
Pipette Stand for 4 Pipettes

Pipette Stand for 4 Pipettes

  • Code: PS04
  • Price: $105.00

Tools and equipment used in laboratory require being precision-made with technical efficiency. It is also important to keep the laboratory and all its products in an organized manner, which simplifies the experimental activities. With products offered by Pioneer Scientific, customers can reap the best benefits from well-organized and sorted experimental exercises that need the involvement of varied tools, containers and devices. At Pioneer Scientific we also value functionality and design. We believe laboratory tools do not have to be boring.

Benefits of Pipette Stands

These pipettes containing valuable liquid or fluid solutions require to be protected from shock, impact or contamination. Pipette stands are hence an effective solution for holding pipettes vertically and firmly to keep the liquid from running inside the shaft and from leaking. These stands can easily be found in laboratories as the products render convenience while using the pipettes.

Why Choose Pioneer Scientific?

We, at Pioneer Scientific do never compromise when it comes to quality, efficiency, performance and durability. Pipette stands offered by our brand are known for their accuracy and precision. We provide stands for 2 and 4 pipettes and customers have referred the products as ergonomic, colorful and stylish. Besides, we have gained good will in the market for providing long-lasting and technically durable products for varied experimental exercises. These stands also provide the option to carry pipette tips box to the workstation.

Take a look at the pipette stands that we provide and their user-friendly features. Get in touch to place your order.