Step Tube Holders

Cool Block-  Multi-Tiered Tube Holder

Cool Block- Multi-Tiered Tube Holder

  • Code: SSTH
  • Price: $250.00
Stainless Steel Step Tube Holder for 1.5 ml tubes

Stainless Steel Step Tube Holder for 1.5 ml tubes

  • Code: ST15
  • Price: $125.00

Step tube holders offer a convenient way to organize your assay tubes so they can be seen and identified easily. If one keeps all the tubes in one lever on regular tube rack, if you are working with large number of tubes, it becomes difficult to see them and identify them. Pioneer Scientific offers step tube holders made of solid aluminum with 64 test tubes of 1.5 ml capacity. It is like stadium seating for tubes.

Benefits of step tube holders from Pioneer Scientific.

  1. Step tube holders provided by us are washable, autoclavable , and can also be easily wiped with disinfectants.

  2. Made of stainless steel, these step tube holders prove to be sturdy and durable, and are ideal for repeated usage.

  3. These step tube holders can easily be stored in freezers for restriction enzymes, or other samples, and can be conveniently be placed on bench top.

  4. The step tube holder renders easy accessibility and visibility to the test tubes. These are easily placed or stored in ice buckets to keep the samples cold.