VX-200 Vortex Mixer with CombiCup Head

VX-200 Vortex Mixer with CombiCup Head

  • Code: VX200CC
  • Price: $245.00

VX-200 Vortex Mixer - Optional Head for 1.5ml/0.5ml/0.2ml Tubes

  • Code: VXH-1
  • Price: $30.00

VX-200 Vortex Mixer - Optional Head for Microplate/0.2ml Tubes/PCR Strips

  • Code: VXH-2
  • Price: $37.00

VX-200 (VXH-3) Vortex Mixer - Microplate/0.2ml Tubes

  • Code: VXH-3
  • Price: $37.00

VX-200 Vortex Mixer - Optional Head for 50ml Tubes

  • Code: VXH-4
  • Price: $37.00

Optional head for 1.5ml tubes held horizontally

  • Code: VXH-5
  • Price: $69.00

Optional head for 15ml tubes held horizontally

  • Code: VXH-6
  • Price: $69.00

Optional head for 50ml tubes held horizontally

  • Code: VXH-7
  • Price: $69.00
Vortex Mixer SA7

Vortex Mixer SA7

  • Code: VMSA7
  • Price: $0.00
Vortex Mixer SA8

Vortex Mixer SA8

  • Code: VMSA8
  • Price: $360.00

When it comes to laboratory activities such as testing, researching, sampling and experimenting, in order to discover optimum and accurate results and conclusions, lab tools and equipment play a significant role. Pioneer Scientific has been contributing towards this end by offering several laboratory devices to facilitate the above-mentioned processes.

We at Pioneer Scientific understand what our customers are looking for, and hence make sure to manufacture and supply products that will meet their laboratory requirements with efficiency and accuracy.

What are Vortexers/Vortex Mixers?

A vortexer is a simple lab tool that is used for mixing small bottles of liquid. It comes with an electric motor with a vertically oriented drive shaft and an attached cupped rubber piece mounted slightly off the center. The rubber piece starts swinging rapidly in circular motion as the motor runs. Now, this motion is transmitted to the test containers or tubes that are fixed into the rubber cups, creating a favorable vortex effect.

Most vortex mixers can be operated with varying speed settings depending upon the required results from sampling.

Where are they used?

These devices are ideally and commonly used in bio-science laboratories to carry out sampling and mixing exercises. These are also used during cell culture testing in microbiology laboratories. While in analytical and biochemical laboratories, Vortexers are used to mix re-agents of an assessment or to mix dilutant and experimental samples.