Well Orienter for Multiwell Plates

Well Orienter for 96 well Multiwell Plates

Well Orienter for 96 well Multiwell Plates

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Well Orienter Stand

Well Orienter Stand

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Multiwell plates are used for different laboratory purposes such as sampling, testing, researching and analysis for proper evaluation of a compound on the cells. When it comes to 96-well multiwell plates, in certain cases, it becomes difficult to identify and refer to a particular sample in a specific well. At times, it leads to confusing and time-consuming situations for the researcher, which can cause unnecessary strain, and errors.

Rely On Pioneer Scientific for Assured Efficiency

Pioneer Scientific provides a complete solution to this situation by offering 2 different products to enhance the efficiency of using 96 well multiwell plates.

Our Well Orienter for 96-well Multiwell Plate is known for its perfectly sized plastic reusable template with alpha-numeric characters that helps in easy identification of each and every well on a multiwell plate. The 96 well plate if placed over the well orienter would clearly show the numbered well, which would simplify the task of referencing and identifying a particular well with specific sample. Well Orienter for 96-well Multiwell Plates is made of plastic and hence stands no chance of corrosion or chemical reaction.

With Us, You would Never Have to Worry about Quality

Along with that, Pioneer Scientific also provides a convenient stand to hold the microplate with 30 degree tilted angle that let the user view the samples easily without strain or bending down upon the plate. One doesn’t have to worry about the sliding of the plate as the attached neoprene pad holds the multiwell plate in position.

The combination of Well Orienter and Well Orienter Stand compliment each other and assures accuracy in sample addition or retrieval with increased efficiency stress free.