Revolutionary Transformation of HealthCare by a Small California Company – A Pioneer Scientific Customer

Away from the limelight, press coverage and noise, a small California company has been hard at work in transforming the health care industry. Decades old established procedures and practices dominated by large national laboratories which are still in use today, are being challenged and this company is writing a new paradigm for the future of health care. The company is Theranos, based in Palo Alto CA, and is featured in the front cover of Fortune Magazine, June 2014 issue.

Safety Tips When Using Laboratory Instruments

Laboratories at pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as academic institutions utilize various types of equipment daily to do experiments, grow cells or bacteria, etc., Many of this equipment are used for specific processes such as heating, mixing, and measuring.

If such processes are not handled and completed with care, it can lead to dangerous situations. The wrong combination of chemicals can lead to small explosions. The improper handling of a burner can result in a fire. Glass products can crack and break, causing physical harm to the scientist.

Things to Keep in Mind when Purchasing Laboratory Equipment

Scientific establishments such as laboratories, research centers, and companies require high quality lab equipment to perform a variety of tests and experiments. The success of these activities depends a great deal on the strength, quality, and durability of the lab equipment. They not only help to provide accurate results but they also enhance the efficiency of the work done at the establishment. It suffices to say that the process of purchasing laboratory equipment must be completed keeping a lot of important factors in mind.

How to Freeze Cells

It is better to freeze cells when they are in the growth phase or when cells are growing rapidly. You can plate the adherent cells in a petridish or in T 75 tissue culture flask and add fresh medium the day before you freeze the cells. Cells should be close to confluent, covering most of the surface. At this stage they are growing rapidly and with fresh supply of medium, they are happy and healthy. If you are freezing suspension cells make sure they are also in the growth phase before you freeze them.