Creating an Organized Stable Environment on the Lab Bench

It is very common in the laboratories scientists and researchers work with literally dozens of samples tubes for various experiments. These sample tubes usually contain very valuable, some even irreplaceable contents. To do the experiments properly, each tube has to be labeled with the correct content of the tube. Mis-identification will lead to wrong experimental conclusions, and hours and hours of wasted time and resources.

MC90 tube rack

Aluminum Tube Rack for 90 x 2 ml Tubes

In the lab I had to deal with this situation all the time. It is very time consuming, and painful to label hundreds of tubes and keep track of the contents, retrieve samples from these tubes and transfer to another tube, or multiwall plate to carryout the assays. Often times these samples has to be kept cold to protect the contents from degradation. After going through this painful process year after year, I knew there has to be a better way to organize samples in a stable platform even if the samples needed to be kept in the cold. To address this need I designed solid metal tube racks, PCR cooling chambers (PCR cooling racks), and tube racks (CoolBlock 90 Tube Rack), in a variety of configurations to fit all the needs. These racks provide a very stable platform; at the same time if placed in an Ice bucket will keep the samples in the tubes cold.

MC02 with PCR tray for Email blast short

PCR Cooling Chamber ( PCR Cooling Rack for PCR Prep)

Some of the tube racks are made of solid aluminum while the others are made of stainless steel. The Stainless steel tube racks are very easy to place on ice in a tray or in a water bath and provide a very stable working platform. This is much better than placing these tubes directly on the ice in a tray where the sample tubes can tilt, fall, or float when the ice is melted causing lost samples and destroyed experiments.

Steel Tube Racks

Stainless Steel Tube Rack for 2 ml Tubes

These tube rack platforms are very convenient to place the tubes in order, label the tubes, view them during retrieving the samples etc. If you work in the lab, one should consider investing in these tube racks.

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