Storage and Portability of Multiwell Plates and Cell Culture Dish

Multiwell plates of all sorts, 96, 48, 24, 12, and 6 well and Cell Culture Dish are very commonly used in life science research. Multiwell plates are used in cell culture experiments, growing colony of cells, or tissue samples. They are also used for other assays such as immune assays (ELISA), and fluorescent assays. In any of these applications user will be manipulating several plates at a time. Some times these Multiwell plates are stored at cool temperature, or sometimes in the 37degree incubator. To save space these plates and Cell Culture Dish are staked on top of another. They have to be carried to the incubator or refrigerator for incubation or storage. Many of these multiwell tissue culture plates and dishes with grids have to be able to access periodically to add reagents to it, or remove contents from it.

Red Petri Tower with Fingers

Petri Dish Storage Rack


Multiwell plate Storage Rack (12)

One of the problems of stacking the multiwell plates is that, to access a plate or dish in the middle of the stack, one will have to remove all the other plates or dish above it. By doing so there is a risk of dropping the stack of plates, tumbling the stack or spilling the reagent contents of the stack. Other draw back is that some times the contents of these plates or dish cannot be disturbed during the entire perid of the incubation or experiment.


Petri Dish Storage Rack (12)

In order to solve this problem we (Pioneer Scientific) created the Multiwell Plate Storage Rack and Petri Dish Storage Rack which can accommodate 6 or 12 multi well plates of any format or culture dish. These are made of acrylic plastic with very attractive design and color to brighten up any work environment. It will fit into standard incubators, refrigerators, or freezers. The plates or dish can be arranged with visible labeling facing out for easy identification and access. It is very easy to access desired multiwell plates or petri dish and after the required step place it back in the storage rack without disturbing the others.

Portability of a stack of multiwell plates or cell culture dishes is another important aspect. These stacks of plates or dish sometimes have to carried to different stations, different laboratory rooms for various reasons. One can imagine the problem of dropping the stack of plates or dish during the transportation. Several hours of work and reagents will be wasted. With the Multiwell Plate Storage Rack and Petri Dish Storage Rack, one can easily carry the stack of plates by just holding on to the handle and the other hand free to open the door or carry other items. These storage racks are very useful for storage and transportation of multiwell plates or culture dish.

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