What are the Scientific Applications of a Thermal Cycler

Thermal cycler is a technologically advanced laboratory apparatus that is useful for various experiments. This device is also known as a PCR machine or DNA amplifier because it helps in amplifying the segments of DNA via the polymerase chain reaction.

Based on the intricacy of the scientific experiment, you can opt for the most suitable thermocycler from a wide range. Be it a simple one-channel instrument or an advanced multiplex system that has up to six channels, thermal cyclers are available in all the configurations.

Thermal Cycler
How does a Thermal Cycler Work?

A thermal cycler is a programmable apparatus that works in order to hold materials at different temperatures. It consists of a heating block that has depressions or holes so as to hold sample tubes or sample vessels. When the apparatus is programmed for PCR, it operates at specific temperatures for specific amount of time. The programming can be done by the users with the help of a console on the thermal cycler or a computer. Sometimes the instrument comes with a built-in pre-programmed routine.

Applications of Thermal Cyclers in Various Scientific Experiments:

Thermal cyclers are useful in:

  • Carrying out the polymerase chain reaction of DNA for scientific experiments
  • Helping in maintaining the temperature during biochemical reactions such as DNA cloning for sequencing, DNA amplifying, and DNA-based phylogeny
  • Heating and cooling the DNA samples for genotyping
  • Carrying out genetic tests that are helpful in clinical diagnosis of certain diseases
  • Creating thermal gradients in order to find the optimal PCR conditions in experiments like primer annealing

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