Analog Roller Mixer 9 Rollers

Analog Roller Mixer 9 Rollers

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Analogue tube rollers - SRT6, SRT9 rocking and rolling action for complete mixing.

Six roller design with small footprint or nine roller model for high throughput. .

Designed for continuous quiet operation, can be used in cold rooms or in incubators
These roller mixers provide a gentle, but highly efficient, rocking and rolling action.

The six rollers design has a small space saving footprint, while the nine roller unit has a higher capacity.

Control is through a simple on/off switch and the unit will run continuously at the fixed speed of 33rpm.

Recommended for mixing blood samples, viscous substances and liquid-solid suspensions where minimum aeration is required.

Units can be used in incubators up to 60°C and humidity up to 80%, or in cold rooms down to 4°C.

Both roller mixers are robustly constructed and designed for easy cleaning, having plastic rollers and a drip t ray to collect accidental spillages.

Most sizes of tubes, Bijoux, Universals and bottles can be accommodated, up to 100mm diameter.

An accessory stacking system SRT/STACK is available where bench space is at premium.
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