Index Plates for PCR and ELISA

Index Plate ELISA - High Binding

Index Plate ELISA - High Binding

  • Code: IPEL-HB
  • Price: $50.00
Index Plate for PCR

Index Plate for PCR

  • Code: IPPCR
  • Price: $20.00

Index Multiwell Plates are 96 well plates where each well’s address is clearly marked in alpha numeric lettering adjacent to each well. Designed for PCR and tissue culture applications, this plate does not require any cross-referencing to identify a well. Traditional method of identifying each well by cross checking with letters and numbers is time consuming, causes strain and easy to make mistake. Easy to find markings allow customers to effortlessly identify each well, resulting in efficient working with fewer errors.

The numeric markings are washable, thanks to the use of unique printing technique.


Pioneer Scientific Index Plates exhibit the following features:

  1. Manufactured from clear, virgin polystyrene.

  2. Provided with high optical clarity and consistency.

  3. Formatted with MICROLON 600 for high binding assays.

  4. Manufactured to meet industry standard specifications to facilitate compatibility with any ELISA readers, or other automated liquid handling instruments.

  5. Designed with flat bottom wells and rounded square tops to minimize wicking and reduce air bubble formation.

  6. Less strain and minimal fatigue.


Customers choose Pioneer Scientific Index Plates for various applications, such as:

  1. Cherry picking

  2. Direct binding and screening assays

  3. Competitive immunoassays

  4. Hybridoma Screening

Pioneer Scientific Index Plates have been engineered to the highest quality to be used in various applications with optimum accuracy. Index Multiwell plate is one of the innovative products of Pioneer Scientific, which have been used by researchers to make their work easy and error free at laboratories and research centers.