New Applications & Research Tools

Tools for Stem Cell Technology Tools for Stem Cell Technology
Identifying, counting and sizing stem cell colonies culture dish with numbered grid pattern is available. View More

PCR Sample Preparation PCR Sample Preparation
PCR Cooling Chambers, Ideal way to prepare samples for PCR. Samples stay cold to protect the enzymes and.. View More
Tools For Cell Culture Tools For Cell Culture
Cell Culture treated highest quality cell culture multiwell plates, Cell culture dishes, serological pipettes.. View More

Cell Purification Cell Purification
Magnetic Stands for magnetic particle based cell purification, to select and purify the desired cells from.. View More
PCR Thermal Cyclers PCR Thermal Cyclers
These newly designed Thermal Cyclers are Easy to use and are highest quality. Different models of PCR.. View More
Nucleic Acid Extraction Nucleic Acid ( DNA/RNA) Extraction Magnetic bead based nucleic acid extraction is very efficient and automation friendly when integrated.. View More

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