GyroMini Nutating Mixer

GyroMini Nutating Mixer

  • Code: GYROMINI
  • Price: $410.00

Dimpled Rubber Mat

  • Price: $24.00

Pioneer Scientific introduces yet another product to simplify and enhance your laboratory research, sampling, and testing activities with its GyroMini Nutating Mixers and dimples rubber mats for the mixers. The product has proven to be helpful in moderately aggressive mixing samples of blood in centrifuge tubes.

Pioneer Scientific provides the best mixers in the market, which are capable of producing efficient and favorable results. Our nutating mixers with dimples rubber mats come with the following advantages:

  1. The dimples mat provides perfect grip for blood and centrifuge tubes

  2. These can be safely utilized for incubators or cold room usage

  3. The configurations lead to thorough, effective, and foam-free mixing of blood in centrifuge tubes

  4. The advantages can also be reaped in a variety of flat vessels

  5. Uniformity in speed and pitch leads for optimum results

Applications of Mixers

Mixers are used for a couple of important applications in laboratories, such as:

  1. Used for foam-free mixing of blood in centrifuge tubes and other flat vessels

  2. Used in cold rooms for temperature sensitive samples

  3. Used in incubators

  4. Provide maximum level of agitation for mixing samples in small containers

Laboratory products from Pioneer Scientific make sure to enhance and simplify your lab activities for optimum and accurate results.