Serological Pipettes

Serological Pipettes (2ml)

Serological Pipettes (2ml)

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Serological pipettes from Pioneer Scientific are among the best quality pipettes on the market. They are used for manipulating liquids ranging from 1 ml to 25 ml. They are color coded for easy identification of different volume, and shorter than normal pipettes for easy manipulation.

Usage and Specifications of Serological Pipettes

These also include a filter that stops the liquid from getting contaminated by air particles. Serological pipettes are used for:

  1. Mixing chemical solutions

  2. Mixing cell suspensions

  3. Transferring accurate milliliter volumes of solutions in the lab

  4. Carefully layering reagents of different densities

  5. Transferring liquids between receptacles

Pioneer Scientific presents high-quality superior disposable pipettes that are used for varied laboratory applications. The specially designed packaging ensures sterility of the pipettes and also permits easy opening of the plastic wrap. The pipettes are clearly color coded, and the boxes mention their sizes for easy identification.