Sterile Filter Flasks

Laboratory products and devices from Pioneer Scientific have proved to be exceptionally efficient, durable, and high on functional value. Our Sterile Filter units are no exception. We have catered to various clients from pharmaceutical, Biotech, and academic market for their lab research experiments and observations.

Why Should You Choose Sterile Filter Flasks from Pioneer Scientific?

They are square shaped base provide the maximum filtering surface area, with reinforced ribs on the bottom of the filter for added strength.

Flasks for filtration purposes are used to filter out samples by holding the sample separated from the suction using a filter paper. This is also used as a vacuum trap in a vacuum line that keeps all fluids from getting carried over to the evacuated apparatus from the vacuum pump. Following are the specifications of sterile filter flasks from Pioneer Scientific:

  1. Filter Flasks for 500 mls presented by Pioneer Scientific are known for their high sterility factor

  2. The product comes with large 49cm2 square PES 0.22Ám membrane

  3. 20% faster filtration time in comparison to circular membranes of similar volume units

  4. PES membrane for extremely low protein binding and excellent chemical

  5. The products are Gamma-sterilized, DNAse/RNAse-Free, and pyrogen-Free